Forthcoming Meeting


XIV EBMWG International Course and Workshop on Bone Marrow Pathology

April 11-14, 2019 - Frankfurt, Germany

Organisers: Hans Michael Kvasnicka

  • Disease progression in MPN, MDS and MDS/MPN
  • Borderline cases and overlap syndromes
  • Genetic evolution of progressive disease and diagnostic utility of newer molecular markers



Call for Case Submission

The Bone Marrow Workshop is devoted to diagnosis and disease progression in MPN, MDS and MDS/MPN and genetic evolution of progressive disease.

Cases acceptable for the Bone Marrow Workshop:

  • progressive MPN, MDS or  MDS/MPN
  • borderline cases and overlap syndromes   
  • unclassified cases in the MPN,  MDS/MPN and MDS spectrum
  • challenging cases with unusual  morphology, cytogenetics  and/or molecular genetics

Please visit the congress website for further information on case submission.

Case Submission Deadline: January 15, 2019


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